Monday, March 17, 2014

Older Yet Wiser

Woohoo!!! I am 31 now! 

2 days ago I celebrated my birthday. It was special indeed. I got a cake from T, my beloved brother, who drove from Tangerang at 12.07 am. Very nice of him. Thank you dear....

While I was eating the cake, yes, eating, in the middle of the night, so what, it was my birthday, lol, my topless better half (I had no idea why he took off his shirt half hour before. Well he said that something was in his shirt, but I didn't believe him), came into the room and wore an old shirt with his writing, clearly, said "You are my treasure". 

I laughed yet I was happy. My "Bruno Mars", I posted his picture wearing that shirt. It was nice. At least, he tried something. 

In the morning, I invited some of my closest friends to have a simple brunch with joy here and there with us. It was lovely. I thank God for His abundant blessings. He has given me such a great family, friends and most of all, boyfriend.

Too bad I couldn't see my family this time, but I felt their love. It was more than enough.

Blowing my birthday candles, I had so many wishes in my prayer, I wanted to be wiser by days. I will learn to be one.

My path mate, L, congratulated me and said "don't put your focus on the older word ya". Oh yeah. Realizing that I am 31 is a little bit scary but, it's noted. I don't dwell on it, and like I said it was my responsibility to grow wiser. 

So thank you all, for all thoses wishes and prayers. Thank you for being dearest to me. Love you all.